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January 05, 2008

Tidbits #2

Extreme Velcro
I picked up some extra strong Velcro and its been great for a variety of jobs. I found a brand that is good for indoor and outdoor use and even good on brick and other rough surfaces. So far I've used it to hang a painting on my brick wall, fix a small crack in my car's bumper, mount an outdoor temperature sensor and hang a garbage can on my kitchen cabinets.

Winter Windshield Washer Fluid
I always fill my car with winter rated windshield washer fluid. My car has a washer tank ~5-6 liters and I end up adding another 4l every year or two. So it just doesn't make sense to put summer fluid in. I've never noticed a cleaning difference and if you're stuck with summer fluid in winter, you're just out of luck as it freezes. Adding the winter fluid at this point doesn't help as the different densities don't tend to mix. Being heavier the summer fluid tends to stick at the bottom, so you gotta use that up first. Someone at a service center put in some low grade summer fluid (freezing point ~ -5 to -10) and it has been frozen solid a lot recently, even when the salted roads are melting and piling up on my windshield.


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