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December 03, 2015

Canada Post in Decline

I used to be a big supporter of Canada Post, you could get high quality, fast and cheap service, very much out classed the competition. Not so much any more. Fast service started disappearing some time ago, they used to be able to beat the couriers at times, the couriers have cleaned up their game, Canada Post has only gotten slower. I used to be able to pickup a missed parcel delivery the same day, now it barely makes it to the post office for the end of the next day. The quality has suffered as well. Parcel tracking online was reliable and nearly real time, now you're lucky if the website is working. Luckier still if there is any useful tracking information, but you'll never get anything close to real time, it's usually hours behind, enough to miss the hours the post office is open. Further to that their email notification system is also broken. Every single time, I get an email hours after the missed delivery happens that the parcel is ready for pickup at the post office. Every time it is a lie, the package is not at the post office and usually isn't for another 24 hours. Not only that, the notification system never sends an email when the package actually arrives at the post office and is ready for pickup. I've tried to report this numerous times, Canada Post doesn't want any contact, they have no email addresses or web form to submit comments or questions or report problems, except for a very narrow list of specific issues. You can phone them or contact them on social media, where they just tell you to phone. No thanks, fix your crap and don't waste my time. I've been unfortunate lately to have two important pieces of mail miss my mailbox, only to be found later stuck under my door or hanging on the bulletin board in my building. They were likely misdelivered, but perhaps there is some malicious behaviour going on as they contained a cheque and a credit card statement. I also clearly remember this happening with a cheque in the past. This is one of the few issues you can report online. I did so, you require an account to track the status of the report, the submission didn't work well and I had to go back and forth and try a couple times before it took. As soon as I submitted the ticket online, the ticket status was changed to closed, what's the point of that. More troubling, other than seeing that your ticket is instantly closed, you can't see any follow up messages posted to the support ticket. Another worthless system. Cheap went out the window last year with significant price increases, there really aren't alternatives for many of their services though.


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