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January 16, 2008

Tumultuous Times

In late November I was rear-ended at a crosswalk. Last week my appointment finally arrived to get the car fixed. Was driving a Sentra rental. Didn't really like it. I'm surprised a 2006 model still felt designed for a really short person, I couldn't find a comfortable driving position. It took under two days to repair my car. When I picked it up it was frozen solid after being put out too early from the car wash. Then it wouldn't start as they drained the battery. Been fine since.

The power supply in my desktop computer failed recently also. Luckily I had spares so I took my time to find the right replacement and ordered it. It arrived and within a week failed. Coincidently at the same time as my desktop became infected with a virus. Got both fixed up.

I've been living with some renovations to my apartment for the past 4 months and they continue. It's a growing annoyance and disruption as I constantly have to displace my belongings on short notice and live without some part of my apartment, not to mention the noise and early wake ups. Last week they ripped out the bathtub on less than the required 24 hours notice. It was said this would take 2 days. 9 days later and I could finally use my shower again.


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