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January 03, 2008


Tim Hortons Traffic
I certainly see the reason for all the complaints about new Tim Hortons locations and the traffic they generate. I frequently encounter slow and often stupid traffic entering and leaving the new location by my house. First thing in the mornings there is a line that extends onto the road. Big vehicles also park on the road in front of the location.

Always RMAing Something
I seem to be constantly RMAing products back for warranty repair. Mostly electronics. Its quite a pain, takes a lot of time and effort, costs money for the shipping and I need backup products to serve in the meantime. Don't know why everything breaks so often for me.


The drivethru line of the Tim's near me used to
obstruct the curb lane of the street during
the morning rush, forcing buses to divert
around them. Their temporary solution was to
hire someone to partially barricade the
approach nearest the drivethru entrance
and direct traffic to another approach;
this moved the line off the street, but
the line formed a spiral around the store
and partially obstructed the drivethru exit.
Their permanent solution is to move some of
the parking spots away from the store
and use the space to twin the drivethru line
and put a merge at the drivethru entrance.

Posted by: David at January 4, 2008 12:12 AM

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