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December 27, 2015

A New (Virtual) Home

A few years ago I moved my web site to a hosted VPS server and I was quite satisfied with the result. But some unfortunate decisions and technological limitations in the first few days meant it was difficult to upgrade the system. A change in their business model more recently made it pretty much impossible. So within the last few days I've moved everything to a new provider, Vultr (referral link), which looks to be a little faster, cheaper and better. All setup with the latest, greatest and optimized virtual interfaces. A lot easier to setup and run now with functional defaults and standard configurations.

Coincidentally, the little counter that has been running on my website since 1997 has just turned over into 8 digits, 10,000,000 hits. The first million took a little over 8 years, the next 9 million about 10 years.


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