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January 21, 2008

Rogers at it Again

Once again, Rogers has screwed me on a new contract. They failed to deliver what they promised at the price they promised. This time, I'm only out $1 a month for voice mail when I was told it would be included. It took 3 phone calls to find that out. On my previous contract, the same problem, I was told enhanced voice mail was included and it was not, and I was out $7/month for the life of the contract. They also refused to allow me to exit the contract without penalty. I've asked for the contracts to be provided in writing before agreeing to them, but they say this is not possible.

The second problem I continuously have is that various 'features' of my service 'fall out' of my account. My current contract is made up of a confusing series of charges and credits. The most recent issue involved one of the credits going missing from my account. I had to call up and spend several minutes on the phone to reinstate it. However the agent was very friendly and helpful on the phone. She was the also one who finally was able to tell me why my voice mail was coming up as a net $1 charge and gave me a one month credit ($1) for the trouble.

Finally, while traveling in Texas a few months ago I discovered that my voice mail did not function at all. I rely on the voice mail while traveling to screen calls to avoid the astronomical roaming charges. It wasn't till the end of the trip I found out it wasn't working at all.

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January 16, 2008

Tumultuous Times

In late November I was rear-ended at a crosswalk. Last week my appointment finally arrived to get the car fixed. Was driving a Sentra rental. Didn't really like it. I'm surprised a 2006 model still felt designed for a really short person, I couldn't find a comfortable driving position. It took under two days to repair my car. When I picked it up it was frozen solid after being put out too early from the car wash. Then it wouldn't start as they drained the battery. Been fine since.

The power supply in my desktop computer failed recently also. Luckily I had spares so I took my time to find the right replacement and ordered it. It arrived and within a week failed. Coincidently at the same time as my desktop became infected with a virus. Got both fixed up.

I've been living with some renovations to my apartment for the past 4 months and they continue. It's a growing annoyance and disruption as I constantly have to displace my belongings on short notice and live without some part of my apartment, not to mention the noise and early wake ups. Last week they ripped out the bathtub on less than the required 24 hours notice. It was said this would take 2 days. 9 days later and I could finally use my shower again.

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January 05, 2008

Tidbits #2

Extreme Velcro
I picked up some extra strong Velcro and its been great for a variety of jobs. I found a brand that is good for indoor and outdoor use and even good on brick and other rough surfaces. So far I've used it to hang a painting on my brick wall, fix a small crack in my car's bumper, mount an outdoor temperature sensor and hang a garbage can on my kitchen cabinets.

Winter Windshield Washer Fluid
I always fill my car with winter rated windshield washer fluid. My car has a washer tank ~5-6 liters and I end up adding another 4l every year or two. So it just doesn't make sense to put summer fluid in. I've never noticed a cleaning difference and if you're stuck with summer fluid in winter, you're just out of luck as it freezes. Adding the winter fluid at this point doesn't help as the different densities don't tend to mix. Being heavier the summer fluid tends to stick at the bottom, so you gotta use that up first. Someone at a service center put in some low grade summer fluid (freezing point ~ -5 to -10) and it has been frozen solid a lot recently, even when the salted roads are melting and piling up on my windshield.

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January 03, 2008


Tim Hortons Traffic
I certainly see the reason for all the complaints about new Tim Hortons locations and the traffic they generate. I frequently encounter slow and often stupid traffic entering and leaving the new location by my house. First thing in the mornings there is a line that extends onto the road. Big vehicles also park on the road in front of the location.

Always RMAing Something
I seem to be constantly RMAing products back for warranty repair. Mostly electronics. Its quite a pain, takes a lot of time and effort, costs money for the shipping and I need backup products to serve in the meantime. Don't know why everything breaks so often for me.

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