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April 07, 2007

Cutting-edge Consensus

John C. Dvorak wrote The Consensus on Vista in PC Magazine:

There are two basic types of computer users: the cutting-edge type and the consensus type.
The explanation sounds pretty good to me. I've noticed myself falling further back into the consensus crowd, not just in the computer world, but in general. I don't have any patience for beta testing and bugs, I just want it to work. The feature set has advanced far enough that I'm comfortable with whats already in place and don't find much need for the newer stuff. I've simplified how I use things so that I don't need advanced features or custom configurations for the most part. I think I've always been in the consensus crowd, but being one of the early consensus types to leap into the cutting-edge. I still do that, but only on specific carefully selected items and with a planned approach to it as well.


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