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April 14, 2007

Canadian Mileage

I've found that in Canada a vehicle's mileage is posted in metric (Litres per 100km [L/100km]) and imperial (Miles per Gallon [mpg]). The metric form doesn't mean much to me or many other people it seems (Why isn't it km/L?) and imperial is the de facto measurement. What everyone has noticed and joked about is that a vehicle never seems to obtain its rated mileage. While this is generally true based on the testing methodology, an important factor is that the imperial measurement in Canada is based on imperial gallons and not US gallons. Normally I assume our imperial system is identical to the US system, in this case its not and threw me and many others off. A US gallon is ~3.785 litres, while an imperial gallon is ~4.547 litres, resulting in ~20% difference in mileage.


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