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April 07, 2007

Wisdom Teeth

I had my wisdom teeth pulled in February. It went remarkably well. I was lucky that I only had 2 and that they had already erupted and come in straight. They were rotten and contributing to the existing crowding problem. It was bad enough that I would get aches as a result of the extra crowding. It was affecting my sleep as well. It was a pretty nerve racking process to get the 2 wisdom teeth out plus an additional tooth that was crowded into no-mans land. The procedure itself, including the freezing, took no more than 20 minutes. Pulled out all the steps after the procedure, applying gauze, cold packs and Tylenol-3 early on. I'm not sure how necessary it all was, but after the freezing wore off a few hours afterwards, I stop taking pain killers and there was only some minor discomfort. Started with the salt-water washes the next day. The removal took place on Tuesday, by the weekend I was already eating normally again. I was surprised at how well it all went.


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