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January 30, 2012


I've run into an annoying trend lately. If I provide non-customer service feedback, such as a suggestion or a bug report, it still gets handled as a customer service request. An agent attempts to appease me and make this report go away. Suggestions are reviewed and closed with no action taken, bug reports are dismissed by answering the root question of why it happened without fixing the actual problem. If I just wanted my hand held to explain why I'm seeing something I shouldn't or missing a feature I want, I wouldn't be sending these reports through specific suggestion or bug report mechanisms. You might as well delete these mechanisms if you treat them like any other customer service trouble ticket. Although this still beats the other trend of not being able to make contact at all.


That seems to be what customer service has come to. I have noticed the same thing for some time now. Reporting something, even as paying customer, I often no satisfaction.
It must be something I'm doing wrong, or using the wrong equipment, they say.
Yet going over the facts they realize "Oh, there is an issue." But it may take an hour or more to get to that point.
All because they are all downsizing or trying to save money, they just want the the customer to hang up and give up.

Posted by: Spryte at February 14, 2012 04:53 PM

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