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September 03, 2011


A couple months ago I stopped spending cash on any transaction. I found constantly fetching cash from the ATM (it started spewing useless $50s too), getting rid of change and restocking my wallet to be a waste of time. It's also a reflection on the times as nearly everything and everywhere has changed to accommodate plastic transactions. The laundry system in my apartment was one of the last regular transactions that required cash, but has since switched to a smart card restocked by plastic. While I'm giving up some anonymity, I'm simplifying my life a bit. It makes tracking transactions a little easier and I don't have to deal with monitoring my cash supply anymore. I can also rack up a few more rewards points on my credit cards. In the months since I've stopped, I can recall only one or two occasions where I still used cash and only because that appeared to be the only supported payment method.


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