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November 18, 2009

Sidewalk Issues

I've noticed a common issue with a lot of sidewalks recently from both a pedestrian and drivers point of view. The sidewalk cross walk across a right exit lane is often placed too deep into the corner. With this positioning it often becomes impossible for pedestrians to see cars and cars to see pedestrians until they are very close, with the view being obscured by materials inside the corner. It's a pretty dangerous setup especially with higher speed roadways. I see some reasons why they are built like this, it puts people into the middle of the pedestrian island and allows some cars to queue up in the exit lane without blocking through traffic. In my opinion, visibility and safety far outweigh these factors and it would be nice to have them changed with the cross walk brought towards the oncoming traffic. A similar issue exists for pretty much any business with a drive through, double blind pedestrian crossings.


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