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July 16, 2008

Technical Pet Peeves

  • "Computer Desks" which don't fit a computer or monitor at all and a corollary for those demonstration cardboard computers displayed on the desks that aren't anywhere near actual size.
  • "Digital Lag", you know what I'm talking about, those few milliseconds that everyone puts into digital products that make them seem to react less than instantly, unlike their analog counterparts.
  • Websites that are taken down and worthless banners left up for extended periods indicating website reconstruction, out dated content is better than no content, especially when you leave it for weeks or months or years...
  • Websites without contact information for the company or webmaster, I wanna buy your product but I can't contact you, or I am being helpful and trying to report a website problem but can't, what is the problem, contact info should be a primary content item on a website.
  • Claims that a computer RAM module was manufactured by a company when that company only manufactured the RAM chips. The module manufacturer is the important part in my opinion, the PCB makes or breaks the module.
  • Sunday Maintenance: I haven't figured out why half the internet disappears for Sunday maintenance. Who works on Sunday, let alone, why is there a need to take all or part of your internet presence off line once a week.


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