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July 31, 2008

Sign Up For Updates

There are always a few things I'm really eager to follow. I look for any and all information on the topic constantly. When there is a "Sign Up For Updates" mechanism, I sign up and hope to be the first to know about a new update. Oddly, I still find out about news through other mechanisms first. The originating source either notifies me much later or not at all. I don't get it, isn't that exactly what that the purpose of that mechanism is, to get the information out in a timely, if not early manor to those who are keenly interested? I'm extremely disappointed when I don't even get notified, it's a big slap in the face that they don't really care about me as [the consumer/the investor/etc]. For those that have the mechanisms, great, but those who don't can be even more frustrating. To keep up to date, I need to constantly poll their website, salesmen or worse yet, third parties to see if updates have been made. This is especially painful when I'm waiting on information for a time sensitive decision.


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