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March 15, 2008

The Curse is Broken

After Kelsey's and Montana's restaurants first opened in Winnipeg, we gave them some startup time to get settled and then visited. The first trip we ordered the 3 Cheese Spinach Dip. It was excellent. It's available from both restaurants basically identically. On every subsequent trip we ordered it again and were very disappointed each and every time. On one occasion the waitress dumped the entire tray on us and then disappeared and never returned. After a long wait, someone finally came and brought us cloths to clean up. The replacement order never arrived and we were consoled by having the dumped order comped. We've had orders that were over cooked and hard as a rock and the waiter wouldn't replace it. The appetizer was on sale one day, but we were charged full price and they wouldn't fix it. Once it was served with nacho chips instead of the flour based wedges it normally has. No matter what, it was just screwed up each time. We stopped ordering it. I'm not sure how, but we somehow got a certificate for a free order, but at that point, it was "off our list" and we didn't want to try it. So this week, many years after our last order, we pulled out the free certificate and put in the order. It arrived and it was perfect and excellent. The bill arrived and it was indeed free. Yippee! The curse is broken. Unfortunately the cost has shot up dramatically over the years and we probably won't be ordering it anyway. :(


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