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March 08, 2008

Over Packaging

I'm really shocked by the amount of packaging that many media items ship with.

I just opened a software product. It had a heat sealed hard plastic outer shell which contained a CD case wrapped in heat sealed plastic. The critical unlock number was contained within the cardboard backer on a sheet just slightly bigger than will fit in the CD jewel case.

Prior to that I opened an Xbox game. It came in shrink wrap, which held the French packaging and manual and another shrink wrapped package. This one contained the normal English package. Then there were 3 plastic security stickers that held the DVD style case closed. Finally there was a magnetic security tag stuck inside.

Before that another Xbox game. It came in a cardboard box, which held another cardboard box. The second box had a cardboard wrapper that needed to be removed before you could open it. Inside that was a shrink wrapped DVD case, security stickers on the case and security tag within.

Is all this really necessary? It's pretty clear after my garbage can is full from just opening one package to reveal a CD, that it is wasteful. And it certainly is annoying spending many minutes unraveling the whole mess.


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