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January 30, 2006

Over 1,000,000 Hits

I noticed today my little page impression counter has topped 1,000,000! Back on September 1, 1997 I put up my first web site on my web space at university. It mainly just held links that I found useful. It migrated to my ISP (Escape) which became MTS. They kept screwing it up, restoring old backups, changing permissions, adding new index files and just a ton of down time so I started hosting it on my home broadband. That worked well for several years till the content got really popular, I was surprised at how much traffic it was receiving. So now its officially hosted. As for the content, I have a couple really popular pages, most notably: HOW-TO - Ethernet Cables, AGP Compatibility, Thinkpad Specifications Reference and lots of technical Dodge Neon content. All the content I built initially for my own personal use. This summer I added Google Ads and have been surprised at the revenue it generates. I've also slowly been trying to update both the content and the style of the site. Here's to another 1,000,000.


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