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December 23, 2005

Why I Chose a Honda Accord

When I started looking for a new car I already owned my car outright and it still worked fine. So I was in no rush and the new vehicle definitely had to be a worthwhile improvement. I was looking to upgrade vehicle classes to a mid size with a V6. I kind of hit on the Mazda 6 right away and spent quite a lot of time looking at it, probably months. It just wasn't quite right, but the new model season was approaching, so I started taking a peek at other cars while waiting for the 2005 Mazda. The Pontiac G6 hit highly in my books, but it wasn't quite right either. When the 2005 Mazda 6 came, it just wasn't enough either, I still considered it and the G6, but the dealers mishandled it and I walked away. I was still considering them when I thought I better check the rest of the competition. I tried out a Nissan Altima, they hadn't disabled the travel mode and its rev limiter. But that didn't deter me, it was still limited by the exterior and especially the interior. The chassis and drive train were good. Then on a lark one boring evening after work I went to Honda. On paper I really disliked the Accord, but my friend kept mentioning the car, so I drove it. Wow, I was pretty much sold right away. The interior was heads and tails above the competition, likewise the drive train. The exterior was kind of bland and unassuming, but its not unattractive. The clincher was the incentives offered at the time, it took the traditionally high priced Accord and brought it in line with the competition. Add in Honda quality, reliability and resale and how could I go wrong.

A year later and my decision continues to be validated. Its still a great car to drive. Only two really minor issues so far. After going through the car wash the drivers side mirror ended up cracked, pretty cheap and easy to fix myself, at least after the dealer found the right part in the warehouse. The second issue continues to occur, the auto power up/down drivers window fails to operate when its colder, it goes up and down, just not automatically. The exterior has been growing on me, but its still a pretty unassuming look. The interior on the 2006 model doesn't look quite as good. Someone wanted to add fake chrome all over and it just doesn't work well altogether. Everything has been working great and its still fun and comfortable to drive.


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