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June 01, 2005

Princess Auto Comes Through Again

On the weekend I headed over to Princess Auto to pick up an ammo can ($13) to create a new geocache. While there I remembered I was looking for a better way to mount my GPSr in the car. The new Accord seems much more resistant to letting GPS signals in, so the unit gets much better reception sitting up on the dash instead of in a cup holder. Anyway, so I started looking through the cellphone accessories and found a really nice arm ($5). It was extendible, had a large suction cup, a universal mount bracket and both ends tilted. I found a belt clip for an LG phone ($10) that clipped onto the bracket perfectly and locked in place, plus the phone side of the belt clip was screwed in. So it just took a trip to Rona (Home Depot didn't have anything) to get some washers and screws to make the belt clip hook onto the GPSr and voila, an inexpensive mount. And just to top it off, I found a nice patio set at Rona.


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