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June 26, 2004

Tigerdirect.ca Review

Rating: Bad

I was willing to give tigerdirect.ca a try since they had a unique set of products at reasonable prices and I had had good luck with their previous incarnation as Misco. But they blew their shot.
First off, an item description changed after placing my order. They sent me a slower CPU than I ordered and thought nothing was wrong with that and would do nothing about it.
Second, the other item I ordered was DOA, so I returned it. Many unanswered emails later, I call and ask whats going on, they tell me a refund has been posted to my charge account a month ago, but I tell them it hasn't shown up and they say this is typical. Not believing this crap I call back and they tell me nothing has been sent, the credit is sitting in my account at Tiger. Somehow they determined the DOA item was working and that stalled the whole process. So then they tell me the amount of the credit and its far below what I paid for the item and doesn't include the shipping charges they promised to pay for. So now I have to talk to an accountant and after numerous discussions I think I finally have it nearly sorted out. They'll send me a refund less a restocking fee, since the item wasn't DOA.
In the end, they screwed up yet again and sent me a full refund, but this was 3 months after returning the item.
Thats too many strikes for me to deal with them again. Wrong product, not answering email, not sending status updates, misevaluated return, incorrect amount of refund, lengthy amount of time to get support.
Reviewing their products in hindsight, they sell cheap crap for cheap prices, you get what you pay for.


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