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August 23, 2011

Adventures in Walking

I've been out walking a lot these days. It has many benefits, like exercise and being outdoors, exploring new areas and having some time free from other distractions. This year I took it upon myself to improve the experience a little. Last year I noted that as my walks got longer, my feet were often the first thing to give up and would be sore after a long walk. So I went out and got a new pair of shoes and invested in some nice wool blend socks. That seems to have solved things, my feet are happy for whatever distance I want to walk now. The wool blend socks seem to do the most good over a cotton blend. The bigger problem these days is finding good places to go for a walk. Finding a mix of a long enough route, that is still interesting, away from traffic, perhaps some shade/shelter, plowed in winter and open is getting to be a challenge. I find I repeat the same areas a lot, although I try never to walk the exact same route, but it ends up detracting from the enjoyment some with repetition and no discovery.


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