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January 10, 2011

Eyeglasses Online, the Second Order

So I got this strange package in the mail...

After the successful purchase of my first pair of glasses online (Eyeglasses Online) I was looking for a set of prescription sunglasses. Unfortunately Clearly Contacts doesn't offer tinting on any lenses required for my prescription so I was looking elsewhere. After my initial research Zenni Optical seemed like the place to go for a prescription tint, but I just never pulled the trigger on a purchase there for some reason. Then one day an email dropped into my inbox from Goggles4U with an interesting sale (PS: when I'm shopping online I often find it useful to sign up for all the newsletters at places I'm interested in so I'm alerted to coupons and sales). Goggles4U wasn't on my list of vendors offering prescription tint, as in my research I couldn't find information on getting tint on the lenses required for my prescription. The website has an annoying pop-up live chat window, so what the heck I ask and sure enough I can order tint as required. The stumbling blocks continue though. The "Express Checkout" won't let me select my prescription and the "Wizard Checkout" won't find lenses tinted in my prescription. No bother says the support rep, just order and put all the info in a note and they will make it happen. With the sale coupon the total came out to $42. Zenni was in the $60 range and Clearly Contacts was about $160 for non-tinted. Note that I didn't get as high end a lens for Goggles4U or Zenni as compared to Clearly Contacts. I only ended up getting the emailed Paypal receipt and no other order information, which I dislike as I would like to have a copy of the invoice to store. About 12 days later I got this strange package in the mail. It was a cloth covered hunk of styrofoam, stitched shut and then sealed with wax. I had been waiting for some gadget doohickeys I had ordered from Hong Kong and I thought this was the package, but upon looking closer I noticed it had been sent from Pakistan. So I open it up and it's the glasses I had ordered from Goggles4U. Oddly they have an American address and are billed as American Eye Vision Inc. Oh well, the glasses work great and were just what I ordered, not at all bad for $42.


LOVE my glasses from Goggles4you. I bought tinted glasses in a cute frame. Customer service was great. I ordered a second pair today.

Posted by: Caroline at March 12, 2014 05:08 PM

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