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May 16, 2010


I think I've aimed my side mirrors in the "traditional" sense since I got my driver's license. That is, they point so you can just see the side of the car. Although over time I've pushed them out a little bit more. But recently I decided I would try the other method of setting my mirrors so the sides cover the blind spots and there is continuous coverage through all three mirrors.

At first it was a bit tricky as I constantly caught sight of cars in my peripheral vision and it was disconcerting, but now I've adapted and have found there are both advantages and disadvantages. First off, it is a great help in displaying the blind spots and making lane changing easier. I think thats the only advantage though. For me I've found a couple disadvantages. My car came with tint on the 3 rear windows so I've come to rely on the side mirrors to help with visibility while backing up, especially at night. In dark conditions that blind spot behind me just got a whole lot bigger. The other disadvantage I've noticed is that I can no longer look behind and beside me. This is useful when merging, changing from a slower to faster lane or monitoring turn signals of cars behind.

I'm not sure which alignment I'll end up sticking with, for now it's easier to leave them set as is. Ideally there is a case for both positions. I know there are some cars which will move mirrors between two positions depending on the circumstance. For example, when equipped a certain way, my car can be had with a feature that tips the mirrors in and down when in reverse. I would guess at some point someone has come up with a feature to flip the mirrors out when you put on a turn signal while in motion. The blind spot monitoring systems might also be an idea, although the one car I tried with it, never seemed to work.


You need a heads-up projected image on your windshield that displays an overhead projection of traffic around you.

Posted by: bovine at May 16, 2010 05:27 PM

Heh, bovine's comment immediately made me think of this:


Posted by: anonymous at May 18, 2010 08:50 PM

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