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April 10, 2010

Internet TV

I've been avoiding watching TV shows online mainly because I assumed it would be a horrible experience and what I've read didn't dispel that. I figured I should give it a try as it seems like that is the way things are moving and there were shows I don't get or my TiVo missed. I started with watching a show on discovery.ca. Navigation was poor, quality was poor. The shows are laced with commercial breaks like normal, you can't skip or fast forward through them. The worst thing is that when the commercials pop up, the show drops out of the full screen mode I was using and can't be put back, what a pointless jarring change - 'hey I'm a commercial you can stop paying attention now'. In addition, every commercial was the same through the entire show. I also watched some video at cbc.ca, as compared to discovery, pretty much everything is a little better. Navigation is a little cleaner and faster, quality a little better. Commercials are still present but I think there are fewer and they are much better integrated. On the whole a better experience. But all in all, watching content recorded straight off live TV is a much better experience still.


What shows are you looking for? I used to use sidereel.com all day at work to cure my boredom.

-pick a show you like
-pick an episode
-click on 'get more links'
-scroll down and click on a link (I like the megavideo links the best)
-click on the url
then for megavideo:
-click on red poker chip in center of screen
-when chip turns green, click on it again
-close pop-ups and press play again

for example, here is the most recent version of one of my fave shoes, Modern Family:

sometimes the television studios will remove the content, so just choose a different link from the list.


Posted by: Natalie Bennett at April 17, 2010 12:51 PM

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