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January 11, 2010

More Shopping Reviews

I put in an order on the Sears website recently. Ordering was fairly smooth although there appears to be a stock check late in the process that mangles things and leaves weird and confusing product status messages. Their current sale page at the time was completely lacking in details, especially the duration of the sale. Banners for the sale appeared well after it was over. A complete order generates a confirmation number online and a note saying you'll get an emailed order notification. Well that email never came. I tried checking my order status online, even after logging into your account you can't access your order without an order number. That confirmation number I got does not contain the order number, nor can it be used to look up the order. Calling the 1-800 line though, with my name easily looked up the order. I got the order shipped for roughly free to a nearby depot for pickup. Apparently all packages have to be picked up within 6 days and just for fun, they don't bother shipping your order in the same package or at the same time.

I also recently put in another order with Amazon.com. I end up ordering from .com instead of .ca because I end up with a couple of gift certificates for .com every now and then. Everything there works pretty top notch. A few minor issues though. I find I have difficulty figuring out which products and/or which sellers can ship a product to Canada. I end up adding everything to my cart and then trying to check out to see if it can be shipped. Kudos to Amazon though, this has improved somewhat, many product pages now show directly on them "We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address." Granted this doesn't apply to all the people selling via Amazon in the "More Buying Choices" section. BTW I still don't quite understand how that works. The next issue involves those other buying choices. If you add products from multiple sellers, it is difficult or impossible to figure out the break down of shipping charges.


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