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July 18, 2009

Shopping for a new Pizza Place

My favourite pizza place was sold to new owners some time ago, ever since it just hasn't been the same and I've been in the market for a new place. I've started making the rounds again, sampling the various joints and haven't come up with anything yet. Several years back there was this great mom and pop pizza place, it had great pizza and prices, everyone in the family could agree on getting pizza from there. They mysteriously closed one day and I miss them. I switched over to Gondola at that point, I really liked the pizza, my brother wasn't so hot on it though. Stuck with Gondola for years as I got a consistently good pizza that I really enjoyed, even though the price kept ratcheting up. After switching to the new owners, the service, the pizza and the prices all seem a little worse.

So I sampled Pizza Hotline again after someone recommended it. It's quick and cheap with online ordering, cool, the first order surprised, I was impressed at the pizza. The second order bombed, it was so bad I threw some of it out. I enjoy Diana's Pizza on occasion, it's really good, but it's not always the pizza style I'm craving and a bit pricey. I always seem to pick it up, so I'm not sure if they deliver to my location either. Tried a mom and pop shop near Kirkbridge, Desi Pizza, which turned out to be pizza and indian sweets. Pizza was super cheap and it showed. Little Caesars is super cheap and edible, but low quality. Panago Pizza was good and a little different, but I thought the price was high and value low. On the good side they will actually deliver here, they wouldn't when they first opened. I've tried Niakwa in the past, generally liked it but found the quality and value to be less than Gondola. There is an old Niakwa on Pembina that is now known as River City Pizza that has similar pizza. I found Santa Lucia to be too greasy, Dominoes to have very low quality, and House of Pizza and Bigtime to be low quality also. Tony's Pizza was very good, but not the style I'm interested in. Mr B's pizza in Transcona is very good, but I'm not a fan of it as a left over and they have middle slices without a crust :( Pizza Hut was great in the 80s, but now it's low quality as well. Used to enjoy the Pizza Place in Grant Park until they mixed up a bad batch of something we ordered and we couldn't even finish a slice. The other locations seem to have quite different pizza that doesn't seem like anything different. Boston Pizza is okay, but I prefer to leave it as a eat in restaurant place as it doesn't really stack up as my pizza place of choice. Romani's Pizzeria is across the street, thought I should give it a try. Their pizza also impressed, a reasonable price with a unique flavour. I really enjoyed it, but found it a bit greasier than I'd like.

So that's where I am today, still looking, any suggestions? I'm looking for something that is a good value, tastes great fresh and as a left over. Something that is reasonably close by and delivers.


Try Doughboys. They are on Pembina somewhere. That's where our school gets our pizza hot lunch from. Its not totally amazing but its tasty enough.

Posted by: Tobey at July 21, 2009 11:28 AM

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