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October 28, 2008

Non-event Election

The recent Canadian election had one of the oddest campaigns I've ever seen. The minority led government called the election at a time when their party was leading heftily in the polls and their chief rival had introduced a controversial platform policy. My predicted outcome was another minority with a slight increase in seats for the Conservatives, which turned out to be exactly what happened. The surprising part was how they campaigned to obtain this. They basically went silent. No new policies, platforms or policies, nothing major at all. The leader was basically gagged and candidates were directed not to participate in any public debates. The campaign directors admitted that this was their policy, don't shoot yourself in the foot, just stay under the radar with status quo. It is hard to say for certain, but it seems that by doing nothing they gained seats. Although I think it is is actually the opposite, the Liberals lost the seats. Dion as leader is not very well accepted or respected and their green shift plan, however valid, can only cause harm in the polls.


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