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September 16, 2008

The Dirty Wash

I used The Chamois car wash a couple times in winter to get a full service clean, inside and out. It was an okay job the first couple times, generally much cleaner than when I arrived. The 3rd time my car was returned with a broken mirror. The manager insisted that the car wash could not possibly cause that damage but he would give me credits equal to the cost of repair. It took a couple months and many phone calls before I ever got those credits. Now that I had them, I felt obliged to use them up. The service since has ranged from mediocre to satisfactory. Mediocre being substandard to a gas station self service wash. The car is returned almost dirtier. The dirt is smeared around and nothing is completely wiped or wash. The windows are especially problematic as the smeared dirt is much harder to see through than a uniform coat of dirt. The seats are always dramatically moved out of position, the carpets aren't hooked back up to their retainers. It takes nearly as long to clean up the job as it would for me to wash the whole car myself. I just returned from the latest visit to find a mess of smeared dirt and missed areas and a nice hunk of glue residue where a badge was once attached on the exterior. :(


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