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August 26, 2008

Music Acquisition

I've never quite jumped on board the online music bandwagon. It all just seems too complicated to me. The DRM and Terms of Service alone leave me with no idea if I own the music or for how long. Let alone where, when or how I may be able to play it in the future. The failure and closure of many music services recently makes my point that you never really own music purchased this way. The other big problem is that I now need to store and keep track of many bits of music data. I don't trust myself to be able to do that, computers are just too flaky. A series of disk failures, data corruption and backups that don't seem to want to restore pushed me over the edge. I've started buying a lot more CDs recently. But it sure has become much harder, CDs seem to have gone out of style, stock is down, prices are up, secondary markets are all but non-existent. I always preferred the tangible to the intangible anyway.


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