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August 08, 2008

If you build it...

One of the more telling things to come out of the whole debacle that was the Rogers Wireless iPhone launch was this quote from the Rogers CEO

Our challenge is to ... make it easy for customers to understand one gigabyte is more than enough.
It reminded me of "640K ought to be enough for anybody." But more so that they seem to continue down the same limited mindset. The wireless providers seem fixed on an all encompassing end to end design, controlling everything from the content to the browser. I've been suggesting for quite some time that they focus simply on providing the network, let the applications and content sort themselves out. They've built expensive and impressive networks and continue to improve them, but access is so constrained. Price the access at a reasonable price, make it widely accessible and I think you'll have an explosion of users and uses. The possibilities when you have near ubiquitous data access on a mobile device are immense.


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