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July 16, 2008

Guide to Purchasing Computer Hardware

Rule #1: When purchasing computer hardware, don't skimp!
Why? Obviously it is impossible to test everything in the PC world, a half dozen different mainstream operating systems alone, not to mention the infinite hardware configurations.

Thus it is always wise to purchase high quality components which are popular, wide spread and built by a company with a dominant market position. This not only insures a solid company to back up the warranty and continue to produce drivers and maintain support, but a large group of peer users. It also helps insure that problems are less likely to show up due to diligent testing and any additional problems will likely show up en masse and be fixed by the manufacturer.

The extra cost typically associated with selecting these products is easily justified, especially with the competitive marketplace. Products outside this criteria often have increased ownership costs. Consider the time and effort spent isolating a single problem as well as the real costs associated with resolving the problem. Also consider more frequent replacements due to failure, lack of driver support or incompatibility, and the lost opportunity costs of not being able to use the product in question.


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