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April 28, 2007

UPS Sucks!

I find UPS service offerings significantly lacking compared to their competitors, and even compared to the postal system. In my experience, packages received via UPS are more damaged than any other delivery method. They charge significantly more fees to clear a package through customs. Their policies contribute to a lower class of service. For residential deliveries the overall speed of delivery is quite slow, the post office can beat them on occasion. Its nice they try to deliver 3 times, but trying to deliver to my house at some random time between 9am and 5pm isn't going to do much good most of the time. If they can't deliver I have to pick up the package across town at the depot thats open 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, which means I have to leave work early just to get my package. (No I can't really get the package delivered anywhere else) I've never been able to get them to hold the package before attempting delivery. In the past they also needed 48 hours to stop successive delivery attempts and hold the packaged at the depot. Which generally means you're waiting a couple extra days to get the package. Yet, with all these deficiencies, they are just as costly as the other couriers and much more expensive than regular old mail.


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