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February 05, 2007

Who changes the light bulbs?

More and more these days you see the little things left unchecked at corporate entities. Is it because as time went on, the responsibility for that task went unassigned? Or is it that the task was outsourced to the lowest bidder and they just don't do as good a job? Or is it that no-one really cares anymore? With the increased focus on productivity and profitability, this happens. Short cuts are taken to cut costs and allow employees to focus on revenue generating tasks. With the evolution in the corporate culture, fewer and fewer people care about doing whats possible for the best interest of the corporation. Or even worse, people are prevented from taking action, even if they cared. It is simply amazing how little things left unattended can snowball. The monkey-see monkey-do mantra takes effect, and morale can sink incredibly fast and be hard to recover, fixing those little things isn't going to do it. And the effects certainly aren't limited to internal issues. As time passes and the issues grow, customers will take notice, problems will start occurring more frequently and revenues will drop. So my question is, who is checking for burnt out light bulbs and changing them?


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