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December 09, 2006

I'm a Thief?

thumper's blog linked to Customer Confidential and reminded me of the hassle of the useless and degrading security checks for paying customers leaving retailers. I don't bother waiting for a lineup for a slow greeter at Walmart, just for them to check the that the code of the day is on my receipt, that security check is easily foiled. Twice on visits to the local postal outlet the alarm sounded as I left with my package. I just kept right on going and no-one bothered to follow. The manager was even present on the first incident. I'm sure it happens often there. To all those careless companies that are packing retail items into boxes for shipment, please disable the security tags first. All 6 trillion of them. Which reminds me of the excessive packaging and security on many DVDs. A plastic layer, up to 3 stickers holding the case shut, some advertising inserts inside and at least one security tag. After all that, you're lucky if your finger nails are intact, the case doesn't have any damage and that the disk actually plays.


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