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November 14, 2006

Pricing Accuracy

It has occurred to me recently that I've noticed a marked decline in the amount of pricing errors I've run into. I'm not sure if its the stores I visit, the implementation of the Scanner Price Accuracy or just being aware and correlating the shelf tags to the correct items. But two recent incidents at Shoppers Drug Mart have really irritated me. I went in to get a specific item, compared the selection of items and prices and selected one I liked. At the till the price was wrong and that destroyed my selection process. I questioned the price both times but the employees actually insisted it was correct or should be a much higher price yet, instead of lower. At the shelf, the tags are incomprehensible and extremely similar, enough such that it is impossible to tell two distinctly different products apart. It appears that the staff have trouble reading the tags also, because it seems the errors are a result of mis-stocking and misapplying sale tags.


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