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July 06, 2006


There are many things people do badly while driving, one of them that has constantly irked me is improper passing on 4 lane highways. I seem to be one of the few people who will drive in the left lane for any period of time. Other drivers pull right up on my rear bumper, then dart over to the left lane almost taking my bumper with them, pull by, then nearly take off my front bumper, with no signaling used for any of the maneuvering. One other driver wanted to travel much faster than me, but would not use the second lane to pass, instead he waited many kilometers for a passing zone (3 lanes all traveling the same direction). Other drivers speed up and slow down, constantly hovering in the lane beside you. These behaviours are completely unnecessary and very unsafe. If you see that you are approaching a slower car ahead, signal and switch lanes before you catch up to the vehicle. Pull by the car at a reasonable over-take speed and keep going till you are safely passed the car, then signal and switch lanes. Where a reasonable distance means a minimum of the safe following distance, often given as 3 seconds and preferably much more, and where a reasonable over-take speed is that which will get you passed the vehicle without hovering next to them for any length of time, this doesn't mean you need to accelerate dramatically though. Also be aware of upcoming obstacles in front of you and avoid them early and watch for people approaching from behind and try to allow them to pass you easily. The second odd thing I noticed this weekend, two people driving with brights on unnecessarily. Both were using them before it was dark enough for headlights to have any illuminating effect and one of them was driving in slow speed zones in a small rural town.


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