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December 18, 2005

Roomba the Robotic Vacuum

When iRobot first released the Roomba I took a quick look, noticed the hefty price and noted no availability in Canada and brushed it off. A few years later it was still popular so I took another look, the price was down, but checking the feature set, it didn't do half of what I expected it to do. Another few years, still popular, price is way down, and low and behold it now has most of the features I was looking for. Namely it can dock for self charging, although you still need to manually clean the dust bin out. And secondly, you can schedule it to run autonomously. I got the Sage model, which came with a bonus of the docking station and added a scheduling remote to it. It does a pretty good job of picking up the little bits of dust and lint that builds up. In other words, it eliminates the need for regular vacuuming. It can't get everywhere or move things and don't leave cords or sheets where it can grab them. It will run for an hour or two and get to all the rooms in my apartment. I'm always amazed how much stuff is in the dust bin when I empty it. Roomba Review has some good community information.


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