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June 12, 2005


This is my third summer of geocaching and its still an enjoyable hobby to get out and do something while exploring in summer time, even winter time for the die hards. Geocaching is an adventure sport that requires you to find caches hidden by other geocachers. You find them tracking GPS coordinates reported by the hider. Caches usually contain trinkets to trade, but can be just a unique location with something interesting to look at, or they can be complex multi-stage puzzles.

Last fall we had an explosion of new geocachers and hidden caches in the province, nearly doubling the number hidden. In spring time the Manitoba Geocaching Association was created. GPSr units have become quite inexpensive, starting ~$150cdn, so its a great time to get out and start exploring.

I just hid my second one, Tardis, and have found 100 others throughout 4 provinces so far.


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