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August 06, 2003

Eastwood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Service Review

Eastwood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Service
Rating: So-So

I've been pretty happy with most of my vehicle service at Eastwood. They are friendly, close to work, and handle work quickly and professionally. However the last service event was rather disappointing. Due to the cold weather they were skipping the usual car wash and doing an interior cleaning instead, this didn't happen. On receiving the vehicle back, I found the steering wheel and some door fabric covered in greasy dirt. There was also a dirty shop towel left in the car. On the exterior, there was evidence that something had been dragged over the hood of the vehicle. Under the hood, some liquid, appeared to be oil, had been dripped in the engine compartment and all the way out onto the body work and no noticeable evidences of any effort to clean it. Later I spotted a dent in the upper door frame which is supicious of someone leaning on the vehicle with a tool in their hand. Don't know conclusively if that came from Eastwood, but there aren't any other occasions that come to mind which could have generated that.


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