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August 08, 2001

Yamaha Support - Canada Review

Yamaha Support Canada
Rating: Good

After my first CD-recordable drive started failing all the time I looked for a quality upgrade. The Plextor, Yamaha debates rage on but I decided on Yamaha since it was a bit cheaper and available at my favorite resellers. Just over a year later I discovered a horrible intermittent whine in my system. Suspecting the worst I immediately suspected the IBM 75GXP, now notorious for problems. After much diagnosing, plugging and unplugging all the devices, I determined that a micro cooling fan in the Yamaha CD-RW ran continuously when powered and was squealing, as is common with those cheesy little fans. (Just watch them throw a blade) Anyway I emailed Yamaha support expecting the worst, told them what was wrong, that I was a month or two outside the warranty and I was disappointed cause I thought I was buying a quality unit in the Yamaha. The support rep cheerfully and immediately set up and RMA no more questions asked. I sent it off, had to pay to ship it out though, and they had it back the same week, pretty amazing speed.


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