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March 30, 2001

Netlink Computers (NCIX) Review

Netlink Computers
Rating: Good

I have dealt with them a couple times now and have no complaints. They have good prices, their webpage seems to indicate correctly the current stocking status of an item, they ship in a timely matter, bill correctly after the item has shipped and provide good order feedback. However, products are often listed multiple times on their website, each time listed with a different price and stocking status. In addition, some of the product names, pictures, descriptions and manufacturers SKU numbers are poorly listed and can be difficult to determine which product is represented for sale. Their website can be a little unfriendly, especially to Netscape and sometimes cumbersome to navigate. I have seen others report some problems with this organization, I did not experience any problems so I will not comment.


I recently purchased a PC and had it assembled at NCIX . The PC arrived in the specified amount of time and was in good shipping condition. There were about 4-6 cables that were loose as a result of shipping and foam that had been in place to help "protect" the comp. During the time of assembly some parts "went on sale" but I could not get the reduced rate. Since then (within 1 week) all the components have been on sale and the pricewoule have been about 400 less. The Support guys I talked to were very good and patient with me until I was able to get the PC running. I ended up; downloading an upgrade for my Blue ray player before it would start working correctly. Basic rating = GOOD could be a lot better.

Posted by: Gerry at July 18, 2008 03:15 PM

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