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June 02, 2000

Auction Depot Review

Auction Depot
Rating: Good

I purchased a used UPS from them. On receiving the item, the invoice indicated an overcharge on the shipping. I immediately emailed info@auctiondepot which was listed as the only contact address. A couple of days later after testing the unit I noticed that the batteries were dead and the unit could not support any load. I emailed [email protected] again with the findings that this supposedly tested UPS had dead batteries and did not function as a UPS. No response to either emails for several days. So I emailed [email protected] which had been the email address from which the electronic invoice was mailed when winning the auction. He responded within a day or so and immediately credited the entire amount I paid including shipping and let me keep the unit. I have yet to see the credit appear on my card, but I suspect it will show up soon. Everything was resolved to my liking. Auction Depot continues to be on my recommended list.


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