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December 04, 2008

Death of Dell

I used to be a big fan of build it yourself white box computers. I stopped being a fan as it became more difficult to find quality, compatible and quiet components. Dell picked up the ball for me at that point. They offered fully customizable machines in a wide variety of configurations which were inexpensive, well designed, quiet and came with a warranty. Unfortunately they've gone backwards. For quite some time I've been completely unable to configure a computer I want at Dell. One of the big sticking points seems to be the monitor. I can't seem to get the Dell LCD I want with the computer I want. I don't know why Dell would limit options so much in this area as the products are completely independent and ship in separate boxes even. I've know that there are issues with Dell quality, especially on the lower end and consumer lines and that their support is abysmal, but its better than nothing. Whats more surprising is that Apple has several computers with configurations I want, even though they have next to no options. If Dell can't come through I guess I'm going back to building my own or switching over to Apple for my next desktop.

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