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March 01, 2007


Home Depot is the first place I've shopped at that removed the requirement for a signature on Visa purchases under $50. I heard about this from Visa quite some time back. Nice to see someone on board.

Why do people send HTML email with content like: <a href="somelink">otherlink</a>? I don't see any value in doing that and it sure causes headaches if you aren't clicking on the link. No I don't mean spam or phishing attempts, the worst offenders are large companies.

I get really annoyed by web forms that use assisted tabbing. I.E. Type 3 characters in the area code field and it tabs to the next field. Thank you very much, I can tab myself, I did for every other field. Oh wait, I made a typo, now its damn hard to correct because you insist you know where the cursor should be better than me. P.S. please implement nice logical tab progression, moving all over the form and even out of the form makes it really hard to fill stuff in.

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