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September 11, 2006

My memories of September 11

I woke up and began the daily rituals like normal. After turning on my cellphone it beeped to notify me I had a message. That was very unusual so I checked it immediately. Gord had left me a message, "A plane hit the World Trade Center." Remembering the earlier bombing, I didn't think this was a serious issue and made a note to check it out on the news sites when I got to work. As I hopped into the car, all the radio stations normally playing music had news feeds. It was all live so it took several minutes before I clued in to what they were talking about. I heard the coverage live of tower 2 collapsing. That was shocking, I couldn't quite believe it. Getting to work I dove into the news sites, but they were all unreachable. After perhaps 30 minutes of trying I gave up and starting looking at other websites, many of which were syndicating news content and this is how I learned of the second collapse and the pentagon attack. After digesting the news I walked around work and informed everyone else of the serious events of the day. One of the few events of my era that I can truly remember exactly what I was doing that day. I remember the exact spot on the road where I was when I heard about the tower collapsing.

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