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October 06, 2005


Back in early September I went on a driving vacation to visit family out west. Basically did the same thing last year. We took the Yellowhead highway west, the northern route and the Transcanada back east. Hadn't travelled the Yellowhead in some time and its certainly different from the Transcanada and the southern route. Stopped in Wabamum to look at the site of the CN derailment, nothing to see, then got stuck without a hotel room since the oil workers had filled up a long stretch. Along the way we stopped at many geocaches. 1queenand4jokers from Manitoba hid a series of YLHD caches west along the Yellowhead well into Saskatchewan that we found many of. We also found a series of Jack, Queen, King of Diamonds caches. I think my favorite cache was Lucky Tod near Merritt, BC. We drove about 6km off the highway and about 700m vertically up a narrow mining road now used for ranching. Then proceeded to climb up the rock side of the mountain in the snow and found an old mine on a plateau. The cache was nearby. Also interesting was Othello Tunnels which was recommended by several cachers. A walking trail along an old train track that progresses through a set of 4 tunnels. Rather eerie to walk through the longer dark tunnels, can still smell the soot. The cache was well hidden and I got several nice things out of it. One of the pleasant surprises was my newish Honda Accord. It performed beautifully. Gracefully climbed the mountains and hit and even exceeded the stated mileage claims. The best part was that the seat and driving position were very comfortable. I was able to drive nearly the entire way there and back. Normally after about 2 or 3 hours my back and arms get sore and its hard to drive anymore that day. So the vacation was good, not quite as a relaxing as last year, but I had a couple days after getting back and they were great for catching up and enjoying the outdoors.

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TiVo now in Canada

So its semi-official. TiVo now sort of supports Canadians. We can't buy the units directly, but Series 2 boxes running 7.2 software can accept Canadian postal codes and return Canadian listings. And they will let us pay for service, in US funds of course, special phone call required. We don't get Canadian logos or rebates and still can't fill out most of the forms on the web site with proper information yet. If anyone is signing up for service, please contact me for a referral.

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