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February 23, 2004

Sturgeon Tire - Pembina Review

Rating: Good

Quick, reliable service at reasonable rates. If they don't do anything, you aren't charged. Helped me out with my tire problems. It's a basic shop, so sometimes they take shortcuts or don't quite do things exactly the right way.

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Chrysler Roadside Assistance Review

Rating: Excellent

On the two occasions I've used the service, service arrived quickly and was courteously completed within a short period. I didn't experience any hassles getting the service or work done. Just what it should be. The second event was during a period of extreme cold and massive backlogs for service, yet service arrived after an hour of waiting and 30 minutes on hold to make the request. Not bad considering peers waited for days. For the record, my calls were outsourced to Academy Towing and Dr. Hook respectively.

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