Site News

Jun 14, 2023Add historic datasets to cell tower map
December 5, 2018Fix up search
August 14, 2018Move blog to be primarily on https
May 15, 2018Convert cell tower map to Leaflet
May 4, 2018Update links on main page
December 26, 2016Support selecting multiple layers in the cell map
July 19, 2016Update Addthis code
July 19, 2016Update Amazon links
July 19, 2016Split network related material into reusable block
February 14, 2016Removed Mike from tower map due to network shutdown
January 5, 2016Relocated search box to title section
December 26, 2015Moved server host to Vultr (referral link)
December 25, 2015Performance improvements for cell map, tower clicks and details especially
August 20, 2015Used Broken Link Checker to fix broken links
February 17, 2015Cell Map updated to include more details and various other improvements
February 17, 2015Added site search back
November 3, 2014Modified mobile optimizations with regards to tablets
October 15, 2014Removed mobile optimizations from map pages which tended to make them less usable
October 1, 2014SSL access is now generally available, thanks to upgrades from Cloudflare
September 30, 2014Mobile friendly optimizations
August 6, 2014Maps: update infowindow scrollbar fix for newer Gmaps API
March 10, 2014Apply work around for inappropriate infowindow scroll bars on google maps api
December 27, 2013Improved Ad display on mobile
December 6, 2013Cell Map: fixed sorting order of other
November 4, 2013Cache Map: Updated Gmaps API 2 to 3 and changed functionality to match cell map
November 3, 2013Cell Map: Further adjustment to hide 45 degree imagery selector on mobile devices
October 17, 2013Cell Map: fix issue linking to map with other providers
October 16, 2013Various behind-the-scenes config changes in apache, moving htaccess into config
October 2, 2013Cell Map: updated selector styling and options, version 2 tiling with alternate colour scheme
September 6, 2013Cell Map: remove POI that interfere
September 5, 2013Software updates for apache/php/openssl and configuration tweaks
September 4, 2013Tweak to cell map to rehide the 45 degree imagery selector
September 3, 2013Fixed layout issue on mobile tower page that prevented the very bottom of the map from showing
August 19, 2013Tweak sidebar display on Android phones
August 12, 2013Disable 45 degree imagery on cell map as it doesn't appear to work with overlays
August 7, 2013Made links protocol relative, mostly including 3rd party scripts, some changes to map code
August 7, 2013Updated Amazon code
August 7, 2013Updated Addthis code
August 7, 2013Updated table striping -- changed stylesheet, tablestripe js code, hard coded ethernetcables and pages where the tables are small and/or non-changing
August 3, 2013Changed stylesheet loading
August 2, 2013Clean up some unused files, tweak SSL config
June 5, 2013Minor change to footer ad configuration
June 4, 2013Cell Map: drop info window on layer change
June 3, 2013Cell Map: Minor update to database generation, track providers with no current towers, remove old file
May 23, 2013Cell Map: Fix sorting issue in other provider list
February 26, 2013Tweak the sidebar tweak again
January 29, 2013Converted Cell Map to PNG
December 31, 2012Tweaked TCP settings
December 5, 2012Improved Blog comment preview
December 5, 2012SSL now available on direct connection, not available via Cloudflare for general access
December 3, 2012Added crossdomain.xml
December 3, 2012Added iOS Web clip icons for website and custom icons for cell site page
December 2, 2012Native IPv6 connectivity, although Cloudflare was already providing access via IPv6
December 2, 2012Now hosting on a virtual server in the cloud with Host Virtual (referral link)
November 27, 2012Remove unneeded files from downloading on cell site page loads, merge others, add a loading icon
November 10-20, 2012Hosting outage, backup site and data used temporarily
November 8, 2012Update previous sidebar change
October 30, 2012Improve sidebar display on mobile devices
September 19, 2012Added Smart App Banner on cellsite page
March 4, 2012Fixed up style sheet on blog, width issues on small displays
December 31, 2011Redirected root domain to www.
November 16, 2011Changed tower tiles to gif, hopefully to improve caching on Cloudflare
September 27, 2011IPv6 enabled with Cloudflare (approximate date)
June 20, 2011Added sharing buttons with AddThis
June 5, 2011Started using Cloudflare
April 22, 2011Redirected root index to main index
December 20, 2010Relocate sidebar positioning within the page code
November 16, 2010Update app page for improved speed. Add loading text, split init into two functions, minify js
September 25, 2010Fixed outbound link tracking, broken June 15
July 29, 2010Rolled out updated Cell Map using v3 api, new icons, geolocation, new map controls and selection, new db, new caching and other improvements
July 3, 2010Fixed HTML comment issues in Safari
May 30, 2010Fixed up errors caught by the validator, mostly & encoding. Updated the PICS labels.
May 19, 2010Changed all the black style pages to regular
May 19, 2010Added home icon/link to title bar
March 12, 2010Added Mike to cell map
March 4, 2010Added compression
February 1, 2010Add prehead template
January 27, 2010Sticky side bar
January 19, 2010Freshened links on car pages.
December 7, 2009Altered the layout of the two map pages a little, especially for search results
November 26, 2009Added 366 days of Caching page
September 30, 2009Change up footer ads
August 7, 2009Added layering to the cell map
January 2, 2009Changed footer ads sometime previous, moved around the footer search
August 16, 2008 Shifted footer/contact info from index page to the general footer
July 22, 2008 Added embedded ads for google maps
July 8, 2008 Added bottom search and fixed up header on dark pages
June 2, 2008 Cell Tower data update
February 8, 2008 Changed site and blog styles
January 7, 2008 Updated Google Analytics tracker
July 26, 2007 Expanded the MB Cell Site Coverage to Canada and completely re-did the rendering
March 7, 2007 Added geocaching finds map
November 12, 2006 Updated esoftware page
November 8, 2006 Added MB Cell Sites
October 5, 2006 Updated Neon TSBs
May 4, 2006 Added Google Search box
March 10, 2006 Some content changes and some tweaking on the css layout
March 6, 2006 Added new css layout properties for ads
January 18, 2006 Added a "zebra" stripe to tables
January 12, 2006 Updated about me page, update table styles throughout the site, updated thinkpad page, update some neon pages to add default header and ads, updated esoftware page
December 21, 2005 Updated AGP page, updated amazon links
December 20, 2005 Updated ethernet cable page
December 19, 2005 Changed layout on fiber page
December 13, 2005 Updated my computer page
November 23, 2005 Updated Neon, AirPort and Thinkpad pages a little
November 21, 2005 Reorganized main page, a little work on the about page
October 31, 2005 Added some new deal links
October 25, 2005 Added geocaching webpage
September 4, 2005 Updated Neon History page for 2005
August 26, 2005 Added Deals Canada link
June 30, 2005 Added Google Ads
June 17, 2005 Update ethernet page
June 16, 2005 Updated my computer page
June 4, 2005 Added some links, made counter validate
June 3, 2005 Revised site style
June 1, 2005 Added TiVo links
June 1, 2005 Added Blog
May 18, 2005 Updated computer page
May 4, 2005 Added MB Geocaching link
March 30, 2005 Updated my computers page with changes to several machines
February 5, 2005 Fixed link for LG dvd
February 3, 2005 Added rather be shopping link
January 27, 2005 Updates to car pages
January 5, 2005 Updates to thinkpad page from Stefan Schwert suggestions
January 1, 2005 Update my computer page and copyright tag
December 29, 2004 Updated news items and car pages
December 20, 2004 Added powermac to computers page
December 11, 2004 Updated my computers page with changes to Sun
December 6, 2004 Added Frugal Shopper link
November 28, 2004 Updates to ethernet page
October 19, 2004 Added PriceOnline to retailers page
October 15, 2004 Added Best Buy
September 29, 2004 Updates to computer page
September 28, 2004 Added Neon timing belt howto link
September 27, 2004 Moved to hosting
September 5, 2004 Updated thinkpad page
September 4, 2004 Added Get 802 link
September 3, 2004 Preliminary update for 2005 Neon VIN decoding
September 3, 2004 Updated 2000/2001 Neon TSBs, added 2002/2003/2004/2005 Neon TSBs
August 27, 2004 Fixed Neon 2000 FSM broken pages thanks to Rene at
August 23, 2004 Update computer page
July 21, 2004 Added 2004 Neon FSM
July 21, 2004 Updated ethernet crossover cable for 1000BaseT based on suggestion from Brooks L
June 22, 2004 Removed guestbook due to spam and exploit concerns
June 14, 2004 Car notes
June 10, 2004 Update my computers page
May 20, 2004 Added Neon 2000 FSM and some Neon book links
May 9, 2004 Added a bunch of book links
April 29, 2004 Updated Neon VIN Decoding
April 16, 2004 Added car news/issue
April 9, 2004 Added parts manual links to neon page
April 1, 2004 Update news on car page
March 21, 2004 My long lasting keyboard finally gave up the ghost, probably the first keyboard I've ever seen wear out, so I updated the computer page to reflect the new one, yay for spares
March 12, 2004 Finally got around to adding a few systems to computers page
March 2, 2004 Removed a bunch of spam from the guestbook
February 23, 2004 Added notes about cold weather and my car and service
February 11, 2004 Some Neon History updates as suggested by Mark Moga
February 11, 2004 Added link to TradePub
February 9, 2004 Added link to keepcash after suggestion
January 27, 2004 Updated stale links on fiber page
January 6, 2004 Updated computers page to reflect changes
December 24, 2003 Added link to jumpondeals after a suggestion from the webmaster
December 20, 2003 Added some amazon and other retailer links
December 20, 2003 Updated 2004 Neon changes
December 16, 2003 Added brochure for 2004 neon
December 15, 2003 Updated my computers page to reflect changes
November 17, 2003 Updated retailer listings
November 14, 2003 Updated Lisa's link
November 13, 2003 Updated Neon production numbers
November 12, 2003 Updated computers page to reflect new hardware
October 26, 2003 Fixed counter based on access log, 128226
October 22, 2003 Added 2001 Neon TSBs, fixed 2004 Neon changes page and linked
October 4, 2003 Minor updates to my computer page
October 1, 2003 More updates for 2004 neon
September 30, 2003 Preliminary updates for 2004 Neon
September 24, 2003 Added another car news item
September 23, 2003 Added car news item
September 21, 2003 Updated about me page
September 11, 2003 Updated computers page
September 7, 2003 Updated ethernet cable page with suggestions from Robert Hardy
September 6, 2003 Updated car log
August 25, 2003 Updated BSM
August 18, 2003 Added link to Dealslocker, fixed mistake on computers page
August 14, 2003 Removed another garbage guestbook entry
August 12, 2003 Added equipment to computers page
August 9, 2003 Added rrr item
August 9, 2003 Updated car issues
August 6, 2003 Added rrr item
August 5, 2003 Updated rrr page and moved it, private forum now, no longer publicly accessible
August 4, 2003 Added geocaching link on main page, removed spam guestbook entry
August 4, 2003 Fixed handling of centered tables as IE6 produces different results, added news item
August 2, 2003 Some fix-ups and reformatting of computers page
August 1, 2003 Changed to ISO-8859-1 charset
August 1, 2003 Added more equipment to computers page
July 31, 2003 Added equipment to computers page
July 31, 2003 Minor update to airport page
July 17, 2003 Updated my computer page after changing jetdirect card in printer and replacing toner
July 14, 2003 Added Neon production numbers page
June 29. 2003 Added link to flyermall on retailers page
June 20, 2003 Updated car issues
June 7, 2003 Added 2000 Neon TSBs page
June 4, 2003 Added some pictures for neon history
May 11, 2003 Updated thinkpad specs, thanks to Edward Felberbaum for the info
May 10, 2003 Added a new neon history item
May 9, 2003 Added a link for bisoncam
May 8, 2003 Dropped links to Dr. Dobbs, Coolinfo and Bugnet from main page due to stagnation of the sites in question
May 3, 2003 Re-validated and fixed some errors, added link to arstechnica and weshopcanada
April 29, 2003 Added some new thinkpad specs
April 14, 2003 Fixed mis-link on rrr page
April 11, 2003 Updated notes on ethernet page, boy is the encoding confusing
April 11, 2003 Reformatted HTML on esoftware, electronics and neon pages
April 11, 2003 Moved retailers to separate page and linked from main index
April 11, 2003 Added some new retailers
April 9, 2003 Added Apple Airport Card Revisions page
April 5, 2003 Modified my emails for anti-spam
April 5, 2003 Changed the back linking for the new organization a while back
April 5, 2003 New link for Lisa
April 5, 2003 Some new retailers
March 24, 2003 Added several new retailers
February 26, 2003 Updated VIN decoding for SRT-4
February 17, 2003 Added Dangeo link
January 25, 2003 Update my computer page to reflect hardware configuration
January 22, 2003 Fixed link to Corey's Computing thanks to tip from Marshall McDougall
January 21, 2003 Updated AGP page
January 18, 2003 Moved generic Neon information on my car page to a new separate page and linked from index
January 18, 2003 Updated car issues page
January 18, 2003 Updated the essential software page
January 18, 2003 Added a few more retailers
January 4, 2003 Uploaded 2003 Neon Brochure
December 31, 2002 Added new car issue
December 14, 2002 Updated ethernet cable page, details about cat 6
November 26, 2002 Added/Removed some retailer links on main page
November 18, 2002 Updated Thinkpad specs page with fixes to the video chipset
November 5, 2002 Updated my computers page with new hardware setup
November 1, 2002 Updated Neon history page with 2003 model changes
October 30, 2002 Updated Neon history page
October 27, 2002 Updated VIN decoding page for 2003 models
October 24, 2002 Fixed error on my computers page
October 20, 2002 Updated Neon History page
October 17, 2002 Updated my computers page
October 17, 2002 Fixed typo on thinkpad page
October 10, 2002 Updated link for Dawn's Webpage
October 6, 2002 Updated my computers page to reflect changes and addition of Nagem
October 4, 2002 Moved the ICRA button to be a local graphic
October 3, 2002 Removed OA Comp link, company is dead
October 3, 2002 Changed Kbps to kbps for more standardized method of display kilo-bits per second as 10^3 bps
October 2, 2002 Added a new pet peeve
September 30, 2002 Added news item to my car page
September 29, 2002 Updated my computers page with new hardware arrangement
September 26, 2002 Fixed link for other distributed projects and added another link
September 26, 2002 Fixed link for Aver TV98
September 24, 2002 Clarified diagrams on ethernet page, suggested by Ken Arnold
September 21, 2002 Added an AGP compatibility page
September 19, 2002 Updated the Thinkpad Specs page with new models
September 18, 2002 Added Chip Directory Link to electronics page
September 16, 2002 Updated the people links
September 10, 2002 Updated link to Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet page
September 4, 2002 Added some more retailer links on main page
September 4, 2002 Changed the links on my car page, added a few new links
August 14, 2002 Changed the guestbook, comments are no longer required. Added a graphical link for the guestbook on the main page and for the add link on the guestbook page.
August 14, 2002 Hmm, somehow I forgot to remove the link to my resume even though I toasted the page, fixed now, added the new 2003 year code for Neon VIN decoding
August 13, 2002 Added link on main page for PC Outlet
August 1, 2002 Updated computers page with old hardware change
July 23, 2002 Added some more quotes to the About Me page
July 14, 2002 Added fix on thinkpad page thanks to tip from David Conzatti, fixed guestbook which wasn't allowing new entries
July 11, 2002 Fixed some errors on the network speeds page and added some updates
July 11, 2002 Reduced the size of many images for improved download times
July 8, 2002 Fixed typo on index page for link to thinkpad specs page
July 8, 2002 Updated My computer page
July 3, 2002 Updated VIN decoding for 2002 variations
July 2, 2002 Added new car issue
June 28, 2002 Added some Neon pictures and minor changes to the VIN decoding
June 26, 2002 Updated my car page and the car issues page to reflect the HVAC fan replacement
June 25, 2002 Added 2nd Generation Chrysler Neon History pages
June 25, 2002 Changed file name of thinkpad specs page
June 24, 2002 Added links for Where's Willy and George
June 24, 2002 Removed resume and access stats pages for privacy and performance reasons respectively
June 24, 2002 Added direct link to Compusmart Winnipeg on main page, various updates to the VIN decoding page
June 17, 2002 Cleaned up the VIN decoding page a little
June 17, 2002 Minor updates to fiber and my car pages
June 14, 2002 Added meta tag to prevent MS Smart Tags from mangling my pages
June 13, 2002 Added news item to my car page
June 12, 2002 Added links to PCB manufacturer's AP Circuits and Olimex to electronics page
June 12, 2002 Updated fiber connector page
June 11, 2002 Updated fiber connector reference
June 6, 2002 Updated about me page with additional content
June 5, 2002 Added link for VFXWeb
May 29, 2002 Added link for Free Agent on essential software page
May 25, 2002 Updated my computer page to reflect hardware changes
May 23, 2002 Removed the Games and Cool Links section from the main page as they weren't providing very valuable content any longer
May 22, 2002 Added link to The Canadian Computer Store
May 16, 2002 Added link to and moved the electronics section before the retailers section
May 15, 2002 Fixed some linking issues with help of the link checker
May 15, 2002 Some minor changes to the computer page
May 12, 2002 Updated my computer page to reflect case changes
May 6, 2002 Added a new page called My Car's Issues and moved the linking around on the My Car page
May 6, 2002 Added link to
May 4, 2002 Updated the news on my car page
May 3, 2002 Fixed counter linking all on the sub-webpages, oops
May 3, 2002 Added alternate link for UIR on electronics page, as the original page is missing
April 29, 2002 Fixed up the my computer page, left out the style sheet, made some other minor changes to that page as well
April 28, 2002 Moved the website to hosting, thanks to MTS destroying the old website, had to fix up some scripts and linking, had a big problem getting the counter to work again though
April 25, 2002 Fixed up the access stats page and the car specifications page and resume page as they use some non-standard styles and broke with the new stylesheet
April 24, 2002 Finally fixed the non-compliance of bordercolor, I stuck it in a stylesheet
April 24, 2002 Added link to Computer Trends
April 23, 2002 Updated link on my computer page
April 23, 2002 Adding a character encoding header and fixed some other minor things
April 22, 2002 Updated Thinkpad specs a bit
April 20, 2002 Removed links to and because they are dead, dead, dead
April 12, 2002 Fixed and removed some links on the main index page, thanks to the link checker
April 11, 2002 Updated computer page with details
April 10, 2002 Updated computer page with new details
April 5, 2002 Fixed up some linking thanks to the W3C Link Checker
April 3, 2002 Updated the Thinkpad Specs page, all the ones I know about are on there now, no where near complete, hopefully visitors will help fill in the rest
March 31, 2002 Updated some vendor links on main page
March 28, 2002 Updated thinkpad specs page
March 25, 2002 Modified the BSM procedure to add protection diodes
March 24, 2002 Fixed up some broken links on the My Computers page
March 20, 2002 Removed Kevin B's webpage as @home finally disappeared and there was no content left anyway
March 19, 2002 Updated My Computers page to reflect new hardware
March 12, 2002 Changed Compucenter link
March 11, 2002 Added link to Computer cables and more
March 9, 2002 Put up the Thinkpad Specs page, newer systems to be added yet, linked from main page
March 4, 2002 Added some internet related pet peeves
March 2, 2002 Fixed the counter again
February 23, 2002 Updated link for 555 tutorial on electronics page
February 21, 2002 Added link for ATIC computers
February 21, 2002 Added the VIN decoding page and linked
February 19, 2002 Updated status of ebytesonline on main page
February 11, 2002 Updated a link on the My Car page
February 9, 2002 Added and update to the BSM page
January 31, 2002 Did some minor rewording of the BSM page
January 28, 2002 Had to fix the counter, it lost track again??
January 25, 2002 Updated some links and hardware on my computer page
January 24, 2002 Changed My Computers page to reflect changes
January 11, 2002 Added link to BSM mod in news section of my car page
January 11, 2002 Removed spurious entries in guestbook
January 11, 2002 Added link for Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Website
January 6, 2002 Updated the link for David L's website
January 4, 2002 Fixed some HTML for 4.01 compliance, still can't find a replacement for "bordercolor" in tables, but I fixed the & issue
January 4, 2002 Updated the link for WIP
January 4, 2002 Updated the copyright info
January 4, 2002 Added a news item
January 4, 2002 Fixed a HTML typo on the My Computers page
December 31, 2001 Moved Compusmart to the local retailers section as I discovered they have a Winnipeg store
December 24, 2001 Added a favicon
December 24, 2001 Updated My Computers page to reflect new hardware
December 22, 2001 Fixed the counter, somehow it lost 10,000 hits, over quota it seems
December 4, 2001 Added news items to my car page
December 3, 2001 Added a new deal link and a new retailer link and added a news item to the my car page.
November 30, 2001 Added link to Contemporary Motorsport to the my car page
November 30, 2001 Added a whack of new retailers, separated the retails into the two groups, local/Winnipeg, and Canadian/Online, added International retailers
November 29, 2001 Added link to on main index page
November 27, 2001 Minor formatting change to net speeds
November 23, 2001 Updated bottom of index page with minor modifications, updated email links on index, resume and about me pages for new address
November 23, 2001 Renamed mycomputer page to mycomputers to reflect content and updated page to be more representative of the change
November 23, 2001 Added Mike Denton link to the main page
November 19, 2001 Minor updates to My computer page
November 17, 2001 Made some major updates to the My computer page, added 2 new computers, updated some other hardware
November 13, 2001 Added link to SCSI FAQ
November 5, 2001 Added news item
November 1, 2001 Updated some people links on the main index page
November 1, 2001 Added a fiber optic connector reference page and linked from main index page
October 20, 2001 Updated some of the company links
October 9, 2001 Added Girder link to my computer page
October 9, 2001 Changed access stats with the proper unlogged number, 1350 and the notes
October 9, 2001 Fixed a whole whack of errors on this page
October 9, 2001 Added update to my car page
October 9, 2001 The counter was reset, don't know how, so I set it back to 25163 based on 1350 unlogged hits and 23813 logged hits
October 6, 2001 Added link to 2000+ Neon VIN decoding to my car page, updated bsm page to say 2000+ and all the links
September 30, 2001 Minor touch ups to access stats, guestbook and bsm pages
September 14, 2001 Added Blinking Side Marker Page, linked it from the proper places
September 9, 2001 Minor updates to resume, to match other documents
August 24, 2001 Updated broken links on My Computer page
August 21, 2001 Removed processtree link, added folding@home link
August 21, 2001 Updated the Network speeds listing, added xDSL and Cable modem as well as some new OC-Xs
August 14, 2001 Removed Onvia link, their dead, added note to Future Shop about Best Buy takeover
August 7, 2001 Added a Yamaha Support review, updated a few things on the RRR page
August 7, 2001 Added some news to the My Car page, also converted the news on that page to the white on grey table format I use everywhere on this site
August 6, 2001 Re-added BlueMango to index page
August 5, 2001 Updated My computer page to reflect previous hardware (ram) upgrades not recorded
August 4, 2001 Updated My computer page to reflect new hardware
July 17, 2001 Made some minor updates to the about me page
June 24, 2001 Fixed a small bug in access stats and updated to make the tables a more uniform size
June 18, 2001 Added Sinat info to my computer page
June 15, 2001 Added pet peeves to about me page
June 15, 2001 Added link for X-Bit Labs Hardware News to main index
June 13, 2001 Added news item commenting on counter
June 13, 2001 Added link for The Inquirer to main page
June 11, 2001 Ran some automated link checking ( made a few minor changes as suggested by the utility
June 11, 2001 Validated the remainder of the website, including the perl scripts output, added the validation button to the main page
June 11, 2001 Added link for Function Generator to the electronics page
June 9, 2001 Added news item on Supercomm trip to Atlanta
June 9, 2001 Removed link, site has been retired
May 28, 2001 Validated (HTML 4.01 Transitional) all pages in the root directory, some aren't perfectly valid, the table attribute bordercolor is not valid, but I cannot find a substitute and this parameter is necessary to make IE render close to nicely all my tables, a few other bugs with ";" or "&" in hyperlinks came up as invalid as well
May 27, 2001 Removed a bunch of banners and graphics from index page, added a link for weapons factory, updated a link for free-n-cool, made little variations to make the index page valid for html 4.01 transitional
May 22, 2001 Modified the access stats to be summarized and graphical
May 21, 2001 Added blank html pages for all sub directories to block any directory listings
May 14, 2001 Added minor news item
May 14, 2001 Fixed some aesthetic bold issues on the main index page
May 7, 2001 Updated Onvia review on rrr index page to reflect new business operation
May 6, 2001 Updated link on my computer page
May 4, 2001 Fixed typo on my car page
April 28, 2001 Added a news link, fixed a typo in another
April 28, 2001 Updated a link on the main index page
April 28, 2001 Very minor update to electronics page
April 26, 2001 Updated My computer page to reflect changes in the items I own
April 18, 2001 Minor update, changed Essential Programs to Essential Software and renamed the file accordingly
April 9, 2001 Removed Blue Mango link, defunct, updated Computer Avenue link, removed Netlink warning, added method to get Canadian pricing for office depot, all on the main index page
April 9, 2001 Modified the car specifications page, making it a bit more clearer
April 6, 2001 Removed GECS from list of vendors on index page, as they have been bought out, added a new picture to the about me page, added a link to MPJA to the electronics page
April 3, 2001 Updated news on my car page
March 28, 2001 Updated ethernet cable page with clarifications centering around TIA/EIA-568-A
March 28, 2001 Reviewed, replaced, removed the people links section, Updated and corrected the about me page, Removed links to mp3 requests and pgp blocks from index page
March 26, 2001 Updated my computer page to reflect new hardware/modifications
March 16, 2001 Updated my computer page to reflect modifications
March 13, 2001 Removed Corey's Computing link, defunct
March 12, 2001 Updated access stats generator to remedy some browser tags and add an IP classification, thinking about reducing the size of the tables by increasing the minimum
March 10, 2001 Fixed rated mpg typo/mistake on my car page
March 10, 2001 Updated the ethernet cables page, noticed the access stats are really skewed now due to a poorly configured caching proxy at Gumdrop Books
March 9, 2001 Updated link on index page for Hot Deals
February 27, 2001 Fixed typo in Kortex's name on main index page
February 27, 2001 Added news item regarding counter, updated access stats with another disclaimer/note
February 21, 2001 Added another event to the My Car page
February 16, 2001 Added some more events to the My Car page
February 15, 2001 Updated and rearranged My Car page
February 14, 2001 Updated My Computer link with new info on kenwood system
February 13, 2001 Updated the index page with the new meta tags and button for ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association) to replace the RSAC stuff, it seems RSAC is now ICRA
February 13, 2001 Updated My Computer page to reflect the current state of my computer, also checked and fixed broken links, adding SINAT specs still TODO
February 12, 2001 Added another resistor link to electronics page
February 9, 2001 Re-removed mymp3 page, it somehow got re-enabled
February 5, 2001 Updated link for gotapex deals as they updated their site
February 2, 2001 Removed Canada link, they closed, updated Onvia link to reflect new semi-closed status, the online stores are dropping like flies now
February 1, 2001 Added links for FCC and MAC ID Search, added MP3 player review link, moved electronics section to separate page, added many links to electronics page
January 31, 2001 Updated the front page, added link for RAID reference, added consumer electronics section and moved the electronics section to be after the computer section
January 3, 2001 Updated New info on my car page
January 2, 2001 Added 2001 copyright tag
December 29, 2000 Cleaned up the access logs, modified the associated perl scripts that create and read the logs, added a few new stats to the access stats page, fixed host logging
December 29, 2000 Added a bunch of distributed effort links, thanks Gord
December 20, 2000 Updated ethernet cable page
December 19, 2000 Updated some things on the programs and ethernet cables pages
December 18, 2000 Updated link for gotapex
December 15, 2000 Added a news item
December 14, 2000 Added link to serverdoc on programs page
December 11, 2000 Updated all tables to render better in IE, changed access stats page to match the color scheme
December 5, 2000 Added a bunch of Deals links
December 4, 2000 Fixed the broken broken Daily Deals link, added storage review
December 2, 2000 Fixed broken Daily Deals link, RadioShack Typo
November 30, 2000 Touched up access stats page, added initial electronics section to main page
November 29, 2000 Updated the Counter and Access Stats listing, fixed year 2000 stuff, and added some new charts to the stats
November 29, 2000 Added link for Bluemango
November 20, 2000 Updated Pico Link
November 20, 2000 Updated Dawn and Julian's names
November 20, 2000 Removed contact information from online resume for privacy reasons, fixed grammar on rage pro page
November 15, 2000 Updated Network speeds listing
November 14, 2000 Added a couple companies to the list on the index page
November 13, 2000 Fixed mistake on ethernet cable page, thanks to a tip, thanks Kent
November 9, 2000 Fixed broken Abit link on my computer page
November 9, 2000 Updated the Access Stats page generator so it could be included in the access stat listing
November 8, 2000 Updated Resume page
October 25, 2000 Removed MP3 list, generating a lot of useless hits for people, besides its no longer needed for my original purpose, also updated my car page about the recall service, removed the dead link to Eastern Chrysler, also modified PGP page to indicate I am not actively using PGP currently
October 18, 2000 Updated People and MP3 stuff
October 9, 2000 Updated MP3 requests
September 26, 2000 A few tweaks here and there
September 20, 2000 Updated requests
September 17, 2000 Updated requests
September 8, 2000 Added Netlink warning, added Linksys rant, added update to my car page, added sony store direct review
August 28, 2000 Fixed up links on main page and other minor updates
August 25, 2000 MP3 Requests
August 23, 2000 Updated MP3 Requests page
August 23, 2000 Added the Network Speeds Listing page, updated the main page
August 19, 2000 Updated MP3 Requests page, and few other minor fixes
August 2, 2000 Updated MP3 Requests page, a few other fixes have been applied
July 24, 2000 Updated and tweaked things on a bunch of pages
July 19, 2000 Updated MP3 requests page
July 16, 2000 Updated MP3 Requests pages, also updated link on main index page to reflect remote site update
July 15, 2000 Updated MP3 Requests page, (it grew)
July 10, 2000 Added my Onvia rant to the RRR page
July 2, 2000 Restored and updated MP3 pages
July 1, 2000 Fixed broken link on my computer page
June 29, 2000 Updated main index page to include an updated link, vague, eh?
June 23, 2000 Updated about me, resume and news pages in regards to my new job
June 15, 2000 Updated RRR to add rating, this included changes to submission form, cgi script and previous postings
June 15, 2000 Added RRR link on main index page
June 14, 2000 Updated my computer page for new hardware
June 13, 2000 Fixed a couple errors on this page
June 13, 2000 Fixed up a table and worked on the spelling and wording on the ethernet cables page
June 2, 2000 Fixed some linking in the RRR directory, and I fixed an html error on my resume page
June 1, 2000 Added Rants, Raves and Reviews website and submission engine, secure access may be added at a later date if needed
May 31, 2000 Removed the quicktime movies from the my car page due to space constraints
May 31, 2000 Added new page detailing ethernet cable creation, linked to it from the main index page, fixed typo for previous entry on this page
May 31, 2000 Updated main index page to include link to kortex online
May 16, 2000 Updated the main index page and the my computer page
May 10, 2000 Messed with the counter logs to fix a hit that was being misreported
May 8, 2000 Updated my computer page to reflect current computer status
May 8, 2000 Updated distributed efforts links on main index page
April 25, 2000 Updated news page
April 25, 2000 Removed some filled requests on the requests page
April 22, 2000 Updated my computer page, and downloaded almost everything I link to on that page, webpages, graphics, manuals, firmware, drivers, etc. just in case...
April 22, 2000 Updated mp3 requests list
April 21, 2000 Added new stuff to my computer page, fixed some typos on news page
April 19, 2000 Updated links on programs page
April 10, 2000 Reformatted the underlying text of this page and fixed a typo or two
April 10, 2000 Updated and added some info on my computer page
April 8, 2000 Fixed and updated some info on my computer page
April 6, 2000 Added some things and modified others on my computer page
April 4, 2000 Fixed broken link on my computer page, updated and added some other things
April 4, 2000 Updated about me page, resume and mp3 requests page
April 3, 2000 Added Header to mp3 requests page, added a link directly to requests page on main index page
April 3, 2000 Updated MP3 list and requests pages
March 25, 2000 Modified Guest book
March 25, 2000 Updated my mp3 page
March 22, 2000 Added a few more retailers to the main index page
March 21, 2000 Added Sony Store link to main index page
March 20, 2000 Added stupid computers link to main index page
March 17, 2000 Create My Car Specifications page mycarspecs.html and made a link from the my car page
March 16, 2000 Fixed typo on my car page, also working on a page for the features and specifications of my car
March 16, 2000 Removed one request from the mp3 page
March 16, 2000 Added Micro Warehouse corporation to main index page
March 13, 2000 Updated My car page
March 13, 2000 Updated resume page
March 10, 2000 Added Canada link to main index page
March 9, 2000 Website surpasses 2000 hit mark, added more info about onvia to news page
March 9, 2000 Dropped a few of the long standing requests and added a few more requests on mp3 requests page
March 5, 2000 Added a few more items to my computer page of stuff I have laying around
March 5, 2000 Updated My computer page to new format
March 5, 2000 Found some items on the MP3 requests page, thus they were removed
March 3, 2000 Added more to the MP3 requests page
February 22, 2000 Fixed html code on programs page
February 22, 2000 Fixed html code on main index page, removed dead links to helix, alexander keith's and kirk saban
February 22, 2000 Added Slick Deals link to main index page
February 21, 2000 Pulled some more items off the mp3 requests list
February 21, 2000 Added some and removed 1 from mp3 requests page
February 20, 2000 Fixed link for ram on my computer page
February 18, 2000 Fixed link for monitor on my computer page, LGS ram link does not work
February 18, 2000 Fixed broken link for video card on my computer page
February 17, 2000 Fixed a mis-link for the counter on most pages that I forgot to change when I moved the site, so once again, the stats are out of whack, I changed it now so it doesn't use static linking
February 12, 2000 Added some updates to the my car page
February 12, 2000 Added some new news
February 12, 2000 Fixed typo on this page
February 12, 2000 Updated My Computer page with new hardware, fixed a few bad links
February 7, 2000 Removed a song from the MP3 requests list and clarified a few other titles
February 7, 2000 Moved web site hosting from dialup escape account to MTS ADSL account, only minor changes had to be made to static references in the cgi coding
February 4, 2000 Added a couple more requests to the MP3 page
February 4, 2000 Updated Resume
January 31, 2000 Updated MP3 list
January 31, 2000 Added Pine link and Button to bottom of main index page, Go Pine!
January 29, 2000 Fixed broken link for Labtec subwoofer on my computer page
January 29, 2000 Fixed broken link for Zoltrix speakers on my computer page
January 29, 2000 Fixed broken link for Toshiba CD on my computer page
January 25, 2000 Added link to Rick's page on main page
January 25, 2000 MP3 requests list significantly reduced, again thanks to Rick
January 23, 2000 Reduced the MP3 requests list, again thanks to Rick
January 23, 2000 Added mailbox icon to about me page
January 21, 2000 Fixed broken link for motherboard on my computer page
January 21, 2000 Removed bison cam link from main page as it is way out of date
January 21, 2000 Added link to access stats to main page
January 21, 2000 Added ECDL link to main page
January 21, 2000 Modified all pages to include access counter to improve site statistics
January 21, 2000 Deleted MP3 requests page
January 21, 2000 Fixed typo on my car page
January 21, 2000 Added My Hub to my computer page
January 20, 2000 Added My car page, and added link to main index page, more stuff to be added to the my car page yet
January 20, 2000 Modified this page and the news page to use tables
January 20, 2000 Fixed typos on this page and the news page
January 20, 2000 Added to News page
January 20, 2000 Added to MP3 requests page
January 15, 2000 Fixed typo on news page
January 14, 2000 Added "Composed with Pico" button to main index page, couldn't really find a good web page to link to for pico though
January 14, 2000 Added to MP3 requests page
January 14, 2000 Changed guestbook to larger font
January 13, 2000 Added to MP3 requests page
January 13, 2000 Added Joseph Bain under people on main index
January 12, 2000 Added to MP3 requests page
January 9, 2000 Updated MP3 requests page, got it a lot smaller thanks to Rick
January 9, 2000 Fixed broken link on my computer page
January 8, 2000 Updated MP3 requests page
January 4, 2000 Fixed broken link on my computer page
January 2, 2000 Found new site for old link on main page
January 2, 2000 Updated news page
January 2, 2000 Updated MP3 requests page
December 21, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
December 19, 1999 Added Corey's Computing link to main page, Helix's webpage still not working
December 17, 1999 Fixed broken link on my computer page
December 16, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
December 14. 1999 Fixed typo on this page, changed.html
December 14, 1999 Added new news to news.html
December 14, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
December 12, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
December 8, 1999 Noticed counter set to 1, must have broke it when i exceeded quota on shell account, arbitrarily set it to 1542 which is close to what it was, for the record, the access stats list 192 hits
December 8, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
December 5, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 27, 1999 Modified link on main index page to reflect a page move
November 24, 1999 Updated link on main index page
November 22, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 13, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 12, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 11, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 7, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 4, 1999 Updated people section on main page
November 3, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
November 2, 1999 Fixed error on about me and resume page
October 31, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
October 29, 1999 Fixed some errors on about me page
October 29, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
October 26, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
October 24, 1999 Changed main page
October 22, 1999 Fixed typo on my computer page
October 19, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
October 16, 1999 Updated personal news page
October 5, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
September 26, 1999 Updated MP3 list page
September 26, 1999 Added personal news page
September 26, 1999 Updated resume and ? page
September 26, 1999 Added new counter
September 26, 1999 Continued to fix linking
September 26, 1999 Submitted new URL to search engines
September 26, 1999 Replaced guest-book which no longer functioned
September 26, 1999 Instated this page, changed.html to reflect changes made to the website
September 25, 1999 Moved site from original hosting location on University of Manitoba homepages to escape
September 22, 1999 Updated MP3 requests page
August 30, 1999 Updated MP3 list page